Help needed….First Class Foundation Outreach Minibus

My good friends at First Class Foundation need our help! …Please read the message below and then share this blog so it gets to the right people!

Would you help us?

We recently applied for the Comic Relief DCMS funding, after receiving the information from over 15 different people. We wanted to fund a new minibus for our outreach team.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful, and as usual there were more applications than funding!

However, that does not change the fact that we need a minibus to support the work that our outreach team do, to meet the growing demands of the job. They are on the street every day, chaperoning young people, providing support and often a helping hand to some of our most vulnerable young people across the city.

Why do we need a minibus?

Young people are experiencing a high level of violence in their community, With an increase in crime.

Young people that engage with the charity tell us they don’t feel safe and are more likely to carry a weapon to protect themselves, to travel through areas of high youth violence and gang activity.

We want to use a minibus to transport and support young people who are going home

from school, without money to catch the bus.

We have a team of trained Outreach Workers, who chaperone across specific routes where young people are at risk.

We want to improve our offer by having a branded minibus that can reduce the risks to young people like hanging around on the streets and walking in unsafe areas, feeling unsafe to cross different postcodes where gang activities are at its highest. We can reduce the risk by providing transport to our activities.

We would like to purchase a new, low emissions, minibus that will be used to support our team of outreach workers in areas of high deprivation, high youth violence and gang activity. The minibus would have low emissions to support the clean air zone and enable more staff to pick up and drop off young people safely, to their schools or homes.

The minibus would be fully wrapped in our branding, to ensure it is visible and identifiable. For any corporate partners that would like to support us, we can have your logo included on the van design if you choose to.

If you choose to help us, this will improve the services for young people by providing safer access to safe spaces, and relatable role models.

We will be able to expand and improve our provisions by offering transportation to young people aged 11-16 who will not travel independently across postcodes without fear of gang activity or youth violence. They will be able to attend and therefore access the positive activities we have on offer, which includes: access to mentoring programmes, mental health support and well-being workshops, peer to peer debates, and access to free healthy meals.

This 100% will improve the life chances of young people within the locality we serve.

Dontate here:

As you may or may not know, Nathan and Sabrina Dennis are also Blondy’s people (See video below) so I am going to do all I can to make sure that the one time they ask for help…they get it.

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