Blogging seems like a good idea right about now. Things are happening, and I have a lot I want to say…always have.

I guess this is the bit where you say what you are going to chat about. This is the start of a new journey for me. I am now the proud director of my own business! Me…little Blondy…with her own business! That’s not even the highlight of my year so far!! Ohh I have so much to tell you…but we will get to that

My journey through life has been …interesting. I would like to use this blog to talk about a bit of everything. My past, my present and my future. I want to talk about the serious stuff that burns me on some days. Maybe talk about the things that make me proud on other days. I would like to use this blog to answer questions that you ask me…..Otherwise I will be just talking to myself like a crazy person!!

But most important of all, I would like to invite you, the reader, on my journey with Out of the Shadows.  I work with children and young people at risk of Gangs and Child sexual exploitation. I train and educate practitioners around this subject. I started the ICU campaign. I was asked to speak at International women’s day 2018 at the Ministry of Justice to talk about the work I have done…but that’s another story. I am an author on this subject and now a blogger.

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So…are you in?




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