#ICU – Dr Jessica Taylor.

I ask many people to help promote #ICU and what it stands for. It has many different meanings to many different people. On the 14th of Feb you will see messages with the #ICU hashtag all over social media and these messages will be a shout out to people from all walks of life. Me personally, I start and finish #ICU the same way each year… With a message to my daughter.  Because she often goes unseen due to her SEN.

The video below from Dr Jessica Taylor is to highlight the seriousness of why we have to shout from the rooftops #ICU….I SEE YOU. Because so many are not seen.

On the 14.2.21 we want everyone to blow up social media with #ICU21. The theme this year is hope…because I think we all need a bit of that. May I introduce to you my friend…. Jess

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