New Online County Lines Training…. My mum said if you want something done right do it yourself … so I did

If you would have said to me this time last year that I would be in the position, I am in right now I would not have believed it. Not for a second. It is hard isn’t it…when you feel stuck in a part of your life and no matter what people say you just can’t see the way out.

But the fact is, sometimes those stuck times…hoes dark times…they are the ones that make us. They are the times that give us the building block to be better and do better.

This time last year I couldn’t see how I could make any more moves to make great change in the world of exploitation and it was killing me.

But everything happens for a reason.

I am not here to play games. I am not on this earth to just eat, sleep, and repeat for the next how many years. Nope, that’s not me.

I am here to make change and leave a legacy in the world of exploitation.

My mum said that if you want something done right do it yourself….so I did!

Online training can be a draining experience, especially if it’s self-directed. Some people will sit in their own time and take in every aspect of their training. Others will just click through as fast as their fingers will carry them, bored of the content and bored of having to stare at a screen for hours.

I get it….I am one of those people.

But people need to know and understand the impact of county lines on our children. I want everyone to know what I have learned over the years and also what others have brought to the arena. I want everyone to feel the way I do about county lines.

SoOut of the Shadows has teamed up with the might Strengthening Practice and we have created something that will blow your little socks off.

Three levels of county line online training

Level 1– Looking at the basics, what you should know, and what you need to know. Its the perfect place to start your county lines journey with me.

Level 2– Looking in depth at gangs, county lines, the terminology, and a real-life case study

Level 3- The nerd in me is strong! This level looks at the theories that can be applied when looking at county lines, what the impact is for practitioners, practitioner response, and what we can do next.

Not enough for ya…

We have created animated videos to go alongside lots of the learning…and not just any animated learning…it’s an animated me!!!  How can you not want an animated me for god’s sake?

What!! More you say….

We have created tools for practitioners to use when working with children exploited within county lines…resources…… Posters

What do you mean and what else!!!

OK….I deliver the teaching throughout…my voice…my style…my knowledge….me …as your teacher for a few hours…. Come on now

We have put in some hours for this project I can tell you. I have been doing graveyard shifts for months on this. Writing, recording, creating….

At strengthening practice is an epic woman named Suzy Kitching

Imaging…for those who know me…imagine you had to keep me in check for a project. You had to get me to do things and make things happen. Imagine having to manage ME!! But Suzy did just that. She has collaborated with me with the rest of the Strengthening practice team to make sure that we delivered something of high quality and life-changing. Poor Suzy has had to deal with frantic voice notes and head in hand moments, but she has stuck it out and got the job done…Big love Suzy.

Everything I do in life…every single move you guys see me making out here is only ever for the same four reasons…Over and over again. Each morning I repeat the same mantra. My core values are strong, and I feel my purpose. Everything I create….write….speak…every job I take is because of these 4 reasons …

  1. Stop children being exploited
  2. Stop violence against women and girls
  3. Leave a legacy for my own children
  4. Make my mum proud.

Level 1 of county lines is live….You can check it out HERE

Levels 2 and 3 will be landing soon so look out for them.

I cannot believe that its only April 2022 and I have already set a new level for myself…a new string to my bow….another Level up

Kendra Houseman – co-creator of Understanding County Lines level 1

I am blessed

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